Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Learn About Audiobooks

I have looked into the Gutenberg website and was very please with it. I think this is the site that I will be using most of all the 23 things we have visited.

I down loaded two books--one is a Father Brown mystery by G. K. Chesterton--The Innocence of Father Brown. I have always wanted to start reading Chesterton and his Mysteries are a good place to start. I also downloaded Pride and Prejudice by Austen which is my favorite book.

It was amazingly easy to do and was user friendly which is exactly what the Gutenberg people wanted it to be. I still need the print to be comfortable to read--craning my head up to read the screen through my bifocals is a strain on theneck. I need a machine that I can curl up with on the couch.

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